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The description of Game Blobfish Evolution

The highly rated and "disturbingly addictive" iOS game now set loose on your Android device to absorb your attention and willpower!

Here's what the press is saying!

"Nightmares. Thanks... I love nightmares!" - pewdiepie
"Blobfish is the Greatest Weird Game About Pretending to be a Fish Since Seaman" -

Game Features:

• Fully control your hero's movement, dash, and hit! What no other evolution game does!
• Multiple levels and boss battles with unique game play!
• Wonderful hand-drawn graphics and amazing music!

Long before the exploits of man,
in the deep sea, there lived a Blobfish unlike the rest.
He was "special", not abominable!
At least that's what I think...

This Blobfish -- our Blobfish -- was MUTATED.

At first he absorbed his brother Blobfish out of love;
he wanted to be close to his friends forever.
But as he began to MUTATE and EVOLVE...
Well, everything changed.

How will our Blobfish's strange journey end?
Will he succumb to an insatiable hunger?
Or will he overcome temptation and transcend this world?

It is a story of identity,
And as we all grow and change,
Just like Blobfish,
We can learn from his follies,
We can be inspired by his triumphs,
We can EVOLVE towards good or evil!

There is only one way to know what happens to Blobfish...

Good luck, Blobfish!

This game has been tested on a device running KitKat and 2GB of RAM; but should work on devices with at least 512MB RAM. If you have issues running the game please contact us!

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